Slamageddon - out now!

Published on 26.03.2014 by Phil

Our new - and first! - release "Slamageddon" is finally available worldwide!
You can order your copy for 7,95 EUR at Rotten Roll Rex or directly from us at every show you visit.

We also plan to release some fancy, new merchandise for you -
so be sure you follow us on our Facebook-Page to get information as soon as possible!

For more information about "Slamageddon", check out releases. We will also link to reviews and other stuff there.

"OH NO, please not another boring Slam-Death band with the ending TOMY in the band name" that is what many people said on Facebook, when they read about this new release. But if they have given the promo video a chance, all had changed their prejudice. The promo video on YouTube was shared global and got more than a thousand plays in 3 days, and many positive responses. GUTRECTOMY from the south of Germany is not like most other consistent standard slamming bands formed new, day by day from out of nowhere. GUTRECTOMY's varying joy of playing Slam-Death, contrasted strongly to 99% of the genre releases of today. Each song offers a lot of new ideas, but you will never miss the slam parts.

First review of Slamageddon

Published on 26.02.2014 by Phil

Awesome! The first review of our upcoming release "Slamageddon" is online - and we score 9 out of 10!
You can read the whole review at NecroWeb Magazin German.

Bei der aktuellen Anzahl an nahezu gleich klingenden Bands im Death Metal Bereich ist es schwer, nicht im Sumpf zu versinken. Gutrectomy machen das anders: Sie teilen den Sumpf einfach auf eine unchristliche Weise und laufen hindurch. Wer also wieder einmal etwas Frische in den Slam-Alltag bringen will, ist mit “Slamageddon” gut bedient, denn mit dem Stil, den sie sich damit geschaffen haben, wälzen sie nicht nur alles platt, sie ebnen ebenfalls den Weg für hoffentlich noch weitere Alben, auf denen man den Amoklauf in voller Länge genießen kann.

Wade Nash at NecroWeb

We signed to Rotten Roll Rex! / Slamageddon teaser

Published on 03.02.2014 by Phil

We are very, very proud to announce that we just signed a label deal with Rotten Roll Rex for our upcoming EP "Slamageddon", which will be released around March 2014! Watch the brand new teaser video here:

Artwork of Slamageddon EP

Published on 16.01.2014 by Phil

This is the artwork of our first EP "SLAMAGEDDON", which will be released very soon!
We hope you guys like it as much as we do! Spread this message - and your legs! Shit just got real.

See releases for more information, like tracklist and download (coming soon).

Slamageddon EP

Happy new year & flyer of some upcoming shows

Published on 09.01.2014 by Phil

We hope you had a good start into the year 2014!
Our EP is in mixing- and mastering-process and will be released very soon.

Check out these upcoming shows:

Witchhouse Deathfest 2014  Brutal Night I  Grindtastic Open Air 2014

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