19 May 2018
UK Cardiff
Eradication Festival 2018
with Extreme Noise Terror, Avulsed, Fen, GRÁ, Monstrance, Typhoid, Diabolus Incarnate, Embryopathia, Annwn, many more tba

Past shows


20 May 2017
DE Limbach-Oberfrohna
Gates Of Metal III
with Mental Cruelty, Path Of Destiny, Escape The Madness, Human Prey
29 April 2017
DE München
Blutapaluza 2017
with Vulvodynia, Stillbirth, Obsolete Incarnation, Slamentation
25 March 2017
BE Liège
Brutality Over Belgium
with Craniotomy, Serrabulho, Human Vivisection, Brutal Sphincter, Kaasschaaf Party Grind, 666 Shades of Shit, E.B.D.B.
24 March 2017
BE Heule
Jc Den Ast
with Craniotomy, Chikatilo
11 February 2017
CH Spiez
Das O: Metal-Night
with Pandemic Death, In Love Your Mother


10 December 2016
CH Zug
Santa Slam 2016
with Extermination Dismemberment, Crepitation, Analepsy, Dynamite Abortion, Human Vivisection, Deceptionist, Slamentation
12 November 2016
DE Offenburg
Mosh Night Vol. 4
with Words Of Revolt, Born as Lions, Indecent Behaviour
24 September 2016
DE Neuenburg
Border Assault Festival II
with Recueil Morbide, Mightiest, Inner Sanctum, Frozen Gate, Vedrfölnir, Deo et Machinae
11 September 2016
CH Biel/Bienne
with Clench Your Fist, Horned, Parjure, Hood Brawl, Vile
05 August 2016
DE München
with Cattle Decapitation, Combustion, Knopf
17 June 2016
CH Winterthur
with Within Destruction
22 May 2016
DE Frankfurt am Main
Elfer Club
with No Altars, DCA, Blood For Betrayal, Carry The Dead, World Of Tomorrow
09 April 2016
DE Ulm
with I Cut Out Your Name, GutFuck
08 April 2016
DE Bad Dürkheim
with I Cut Out Your Name, Back To Redemption
19 March 2016
DE Karlsruhe
Rock n Roll Bar
with Brawl Between Enemies, World Of Tomorrow, Deathbearer, Words Of Revolt
12 March 2016
DE Balingen
Deadbangers Night V
with Deforeskination, Trennjaeger, Pestilent Reign
04-05 March 2016
DE Wiesbaden
Frankfurt Deathfest III
with Putrid Pile, Severe Torture, Carnivore Diprosopus, Krampüs, Necrovile, Clitorape, Dehumanization, Chordotomy, Lower than Zero, Avulsed, Holocausto Canibal, Putridity, Dead Infection, Devangelic, Inhume, Blood, Fleshless, Corpsefucking Art, Slamentation, Epicedium, Bösedeath, Human Prey
05 March 2016
DE Rheinfelden
Tutti Kiesi
with I Cut Out Your Name, Give Em Blood, Ephemera's Party, Thomas Danger, Heritage Of Unrest, Keep Talking


12 December 2015
DE Emmendingen
YouRock Emmendingen
with Deaf Aid, Mental Cruelty, Loss Of Light
19 September 2015
CH Lyss
Carnage Feast 2015
with Unleashed, Beheaded, Epicardiectomy, Abysmal Torment, Cerebral Effusion, Carnal Decay, Relics Of Humanity, Atonement
22 August 2015
CH Lenzburg
with Brutal God
02 May 2015
DE Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Sulzbach Deathfest
with Bösedeath, Vomit Disease, Seconddeath
11 April 2015
CH Bern
Brutal Springbreak II
with Viscera Trail, Carnal Decay, Dynamite Abortion, Rectal Depravity, Calcined, Congenital Anomalies


12 December 2014
CH Zug
Santa Slam 2014
with Acranius, Maximize Bestiality, Korpse
21 November 2014
DE Paderborn
Pader Chainsaw Fest 2014
with Epicardiectomy, Dynamite Abortion, Goreputation, Abyss Of Insanity
24 October 2014
DE Lörrach
Convictors Release-Show
with Convictors, Anwar
20 September 2014
DE Offenbach
Slamming Brutality vol. 2
with Cerebral Incubation, Epicardiectomy, Acranius, Genital Mutilation, Indigestion, Craniotomy, Chordotomy, Fermented Masturbation, Candero, Take Fucking Action
24-26 July 2014
DE Andernach
Death Feast 2014
with Misery Index, Immolation, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Jig Ai, Beheaded, Epicardiectomy, Katalepsy, Cliteater, Dehydrated, Korpse, Dehumanization, Apophys, Meat Devourer, Entrails, Gutalax, Devour The Fetus, Gutslit, Abrupt Demise, Diaroe, Goretrade, Spheron, 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses, Devastator, Rumpelgrumpel, UxLxCxM, Stillbirth, Into Sickness, Five Dollar Crack Bitch, Ad Patres, Choked By Own Vomits, Brutal Unrest, Slowly Rotten
19 July 2014
DE Mittelsinn
Grindtastic Open Air 2014
with Aborted, Leng Tche, Katalepsy, Cytotoxin, Beheaded, Shattered, Goregonzola, Take Fucking Action, Vomit Disease
17 May 2014
CH Alt St. Johann
Rock The Hell 7
with Vulvectomy, Vomitous, Dynamite Abortion, Korpse, Left for Dead, Virvum, My Own Childrens Drink, Squirtophobic, Alcohol Related Death, Dust Bolt, Machine Gun Horror, Toxic Waltz, Mabon
12 April 2014
DE Freiburg im Brsg.
KTS Freiburg
with Six Reasons To Kill, I Cut Out Your Name, [HaNS]
28 March 2014
DE Zug
Monthly Assault: Brutal Night I
with Clit Commander, Nihilo, Denial
14 March 2014
DE Lörrach
Cedron Europe Tour 2014
with Cedron, Wrong Way To Die, Convictors
15 February 2014
DE Ulm
Witchhouse Deathfest
with Lower Than Zero, Gutfuck, Anal Fistfuckers, Egoist


14 December 2013
DE Rheinfelden
Heavy X-Mas
with Choking On Illusions, No End In Sight, Red Square Scenario, Blus, I Cut Out Your Name
09 November 2013
DE Rastatt
Storm The Gates
with Cardiac, Ocean Of Plague, My Dying Faith, Epitome Of Frail
12 October 2013
DE Auggen
with S-Core, Worn Out
20 September 2013
CH Luzern
Hell's Metal Army Festival
with Chamber Of Malice, Summum Silentium, Crescent Moon
20 July 2013
DE Wilhelmsdorf
Commerce Chaser 6
with Gutfuck, Chordotomy, Left for Dead, Deforeskination, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC, S.C.U.T, Goreputation
05 July 2013
DE Brombach
Scarred By Beauty Europe Tour 2013
with Scarred By Beauty, I Cut Out Your Name, Andy Rive, Anwar
23 March 2013
DE Haltingen
Pessimist CD-Release Show
with Pessimist, Bitterness, Deaf Aid, Maersung, Septic Christ, Darkmoon, Storm Warning


01 December 2012
DE Lörrach
Metal Café Live
with Bleeding Red, Cypecore
26 October 2012
DE Lörrach
Blus Bash vol. 1
with Blus, M.I. God, Worse To Come
20 October 2012
DE Grenzach-Wyhlen
As Prayers Fail Europe Tour 2012
with As Prayers Fail, I Cut Out Your Name, Maersung, Tschernobyl, Erupdead
29 September 2012
DE Denzlingen
Metal in Deathlingen
with Deaf Aid, Unleash Your Fate, Painis
28 July 2012
DE Lörrach
Baden in Blut Open Air 2012
with Unleashed, The Sorrow, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Warbringer, Lay Down Rotten,
Cripper, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Finsterforst
12 May 2012
DE Emmendingen
Mosh Night 4
with Novel Of Sin, Curse Of Society, A Diary Entry, Defy The Law Of Tradition
11 May 2012
DE Schopfheim
Odessa Europe Tour 2012
with Odessa, Worse To Come
06 May 2012
CH Basel
Scarred By Beauty Europe Tour 2012
with Scarred By Beauty, The Dead Lay Waiting, For Dawn
10 March 2012
DE Lörrach
Blood Battle Bandcontest
with Parasite inc., Firtan, H.A.L., Worn-Out
25 February 2012
CH Basel
Villa Rosenau
with Kites, Mahlstrom, Ende/Aus, Century


08 October 2011
DE Haltingen
Metal in de Räbe 2011
with Hackneyed, Jack Slater, Big Ball, Curse Of Society, Hatchery, Firtan, World To Ashes

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